Friday, November 6, 2009

Factory Farmed Meat: E Coli Burgers and Chicken Poo

As if yesterday's post wasn't enough now I'm reading confirmation that livestock cows are fed chicken poo. Worse yet, the USDA is allowing E-Coli Tainted Meat to be cooked and resold in the form of pre-cooked meat products. Can anyone say eeeewww?!

ABC News Story
Imagine a ton of freshly ground beef. The company in charge of processing this meat finds out during a routine test that it is contaminated with E. coli. They record the test results, which are read by a government inspector, who acknowledges that the meat is indeed tainted.

Tainted ground beef has killed at least one and sickened more than two dozen. You might think that this beef would be headed straight for the garbage bin. But in many cases, this meat is instead cooked, prepared and packaged as a pre-cooked hamburger patty that you pick up from the grocery store. And it's all completely legal.
Below is more confirmation that feeding animal poo to livestock is a widely accepted practice. Why? Because it's cheaper than the food God designed them to eat and the meat industry is completely in denial about what livestock eat and how it affects your body. All the care about is cheap meat and bigger profit margins.

LA Times Article
'Farmers feed 1 million to 2 million tons of poultry litter to their cattle annually, according to FDA.
estimates...Using the litter -- which includes feces, spilled chicken feed, feathers and poultry farm detritus -- increases the risk of cows becoming infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, said Michael Hansen, a senior scientist at Consumers Union.

That's because the spilled chicken feed and the feces contain tissue from ruminants -- cows and sheep, among other mammals. The disease is transmitted through feeding ruminant remains to cattle.

"It takes a very small quantity of ruminant protein, even just 1 milligram, to cause an infection," said Steve Roach, public health program director with Food Animal Concerns Trust, a Chicago-based animal welfare group that is part of the coalition.

The beef industry claims that this is not an issue? What?????? So they can save money by feeding cows chicken poop contaminated with God knows what?

More Links:

Feces Farming Resource Guide
Though the practice of recycling animal waste can be documented back to the mid 1900's in the United States, its use has escalated dramatically since the turn of this century....some countries like the United States have regulations which define “organic” livestock as animals which cannot be fed feces.

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