Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meatgate: Grist Articles

Two-thirds of hamburgers consumed in the U.S. contain a filler made of scraps [often referred to as 'Pink Slime'] from the slaughterhouse floor, which are ground into a paste and washed with ammonia. If that sounds gross, get this: despite the chemical bath, the filler still often carries E. coli and other nasty pathogens.

The above quote is from a great series of articles at on the perils of commercially produced meat. If you need to motivate yourself to lay off fast food, I think you'll find the information most helpful!

Meat Wagon - Click Here to View

Commercial/fast food meat is controlled by giant agribusineses like Cargill where squeezing every cent of profit trumps food safety. They don't care how gross it is, as long as it passes muster w/the USDA, it's business as usual.

A better alternative is eat a mainly plant based diet and find local farmers offering naturally raised animal products:

Local Harvest
Eat Wild
(Check out my sidebar on local grocers offering these products as well)

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