Monday, September 28, 2009

Recycling Whirlwind

Been busy 'organizing' my life (never ending battle) one of things I find hard to let go of are old mailing envelopes, cardboard, paper and other stuff I feel guilty about dumping in landfills...But being a clutter hater it starts freaking me out when it piles up...soooo.....I went on a whirlwind cleanup spree and did a little digging on recycling...

Recycling - I was majorly disappointed to learn that Rumpke, our local company doesn't do plastic unless it's a #1-7 bottle. Now that kinda stinks. Now that I'm aware of the environment again I totally feel guilty throwing anything away and go into spasms trying to figger' out what to do with all my cardboard, plastic, mailing envelopes and all that kinda stuff. Note: if you live in Metro Columbus, click here for recycling info.

But progress is being made!

The bunny poo/litter/hay is going in the new compost pile along w/veggie scraps pureed in the Vita-Mix (I almost killed it by overloading it w/banana peels and too little water - the auto shutoff kicked in and I freaked thinking I'd have to send it back to the factory). Hopefully this will produce some kind of useful mixture for my spring garden.

Cardboard - Rumpke does do cardboard (as well as office paper, magazines and envelopes).
Glossy Paper  - Groov-ay - there is some bin by the Sam's Club in Reynoldsburg that recycles old paper - we're talking, newspaper, glossy inserts, magazines, the whole 9 yards. Instant relief. I mean I have all these old multicolor slick brochures I don't need an I was agonizing about how to get rid of them (at the same time resenting the fact that all this stuff gets spewed out in the first place and all the junk mail that ends up in my box despite registering w/the Direct Mail Marketing Association). So now I can just collect it and donate it to this outfit, which appears to be a fundraising effort - yay!

Plastic bags - most of the big chains have plastic bag recycling so I loaded up a big bag (I had way to many) and took them to Kroger.

Old Electronics
- just found this site - Ohio Dropoff that takes old computers and electronics - various locations throughout Ohio.

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