Friday, October 23, 2009

Green and Local, Ohio Style

I found some great videos from OurOhio. It really gives me hope to watch these inspiring stories of local entepreneurs committed to earth friendly practices. I'm starting to see Ohio as having a wealth of really super cool people and resources!

Hartzler Family Dairy - all natural old fashioned dairy, bottled in glass, just like in the olden days. They believe strongly in supporting the soil and earthworm power :) Available in some Columbus stores.

Heini's Cheese - artisan cheesemaerks. They get their milk daily from small Amish farms who deliver it via horse and buggy in old fashioned jugs. Too cool! (I have seen Heini's for sale at Raisin Rack in Westerville).

Vista Grand Buffalo Ranch - interesting. Buffalo are so low maintenance that they can be easily raised as chem free, free range and grass fed. Buffalo are also indigenous to the area and have not been genetically altered like many other types of livestock.

DayBreak Lavender Farm - single woman buys farm and shows up with a push mower. Meets husband who is the son of a farmer. The farm is the result. They use this 'swiss army knife of herbs' in many of the 180 products they offer. You can even cook with it :)

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm - organic herbs from a small family farm. Biodiversity at it's best . For example they have over 20 varieties each of rosemary and basil as well as 12 of the world's smallest plants.  Also this cool segment on 'faery gardens'

Blue Rock Station - I am actually visiting there tomorrow. They have an 'earthship' home built out of recycled garbage, llamas, chickens and all sorts of other cool ecological stuff.

Lake Farmpark - a family oriented science and cultural center devoted to agriculture, farming, renewable energy and country life. You can milk a cow, take a wagon ride and discover more than 50 breeds of farm animals.  This sounds like an awesome place for kids and they are open year round.

Price Farms Organics - recycles tons of stuff that would normally go into landfills into compost.
Black Creek Bistro - German Village restauranteur uses produce from his farm for his restaurant and tries to operate in a sustainable manner.

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