Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Swine Flu Racket: the FDA Threatens Dr. Weil

OK, this is ridiculous.

Like many natural doctors with online websites, Dr. Andrew Weil is marketing an immune defense supplement to ward against colds and flu. Now the FDA is accusing him of hawing unapproved swine flu remedies.

Full details at Naturalnews. Also NPR.

See the FDA/FTC Injunction here.

Evidently 'natural remedies' pose a threat to the Swine Flu racket and the billions of dollars the government has spent on the vaccine.

I'll take Dr. Weil's product any day. At least it doesn't contain mercury laced thimerosal!

To be fair, health scams like bogus Acai berry ads proliferate on the internet so the FDA's interest in cracking down on bogus swine flu products is valid as reported here (I actually know of 2 people whose 'before and after' pictures--from eating a raw foods diet--were stolen and inserted into bogus Acai berry product ads). Nevertheless, I don't think marketing an immune support product is at all wrong and it's a tad creepy that they went after Dr. Weil the way they did. Such heavy handed tactics will only foment the (much needed) rebellion of informed consumers.

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  1. I occaisonally check in with Natural News because they are all over these kinds of injunctions. Its terrible to have an agency out to shut down and shut up people in the healthy living industry. And its only getting worse. I'm glad you mentioned this!