Thursday, October 22, 2009

Organic Vanilla Beans - Cheap

Tip from RawDawg Rory on a great place to get organic vanilla beans that don't cost a fortune.

What's nice is they show exactly how the beans are raised by the farmers they work with and their prices are awesome.

I've never bought vanilla beans because of their outrageous price but this definitely sounds win-win.

Interesting note for raw food purists, Vanilla Beans must be blanched in order to prevent molding:
Vanilla Beans are very susceptible to attracting mold and rotting during the sun drying and curing process. To combat this problem, prior to curing, the ripe green beans are blanched in hot water, (not boiling), for several minutes at 140° - 150F° (60° - 65°C). This process terminates any further organic change, keeps the bean from splitting open and from rotting during the curing process. The importance of the correct blanching time is crucial as to how the flavor and color of the bean will evolve. After blanching, the beans are wrapped in canvas and concealed in wooden boxes for 2 days where the temperature remains high.

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